What am I doing?

So it’s summer now and I realized the following:

1. I seem to be tired all the time

2. I have absolutely nothing exciting to do now that I don’t have kids to teach

3. I still would prefer to not be teaching the kids

4. My sister drives me crazy

5. I’m too old to be so annoyed by my sister

6. Why are Doritos so good?

7. I have a unusual obsession with Lil Wayne

8. I need to pee. Now.

The End,=

The time I thought about my future kids registrations

I arrive at school today (a bit early due to a bribe of Starbucks and Febreeze) to discover a registration sign.

And my first thought was ” that’s so sad that your kid has to go here”

It’s not the teachers. It’s the school. It’s the administration. It’s the reason failing schools don’t turn around typically, because all the people up top check all the wrong boxes. As they are busy checking those they force everyone else to stop checking the ones that matter.

Anyway it’s Monday and I’m here because I need a doctors note not to be AND a bird needs me.

If I have kids where I live will be based off of a school. Waaaaay in advance. I’ll search until I find one. Gah.

If bad things come in threes, how do good things come?

So I usually don’t blog because I get self-conscious about who will and won’t read my blog. But today I’m sitting a a mechanics, waiting for my car to be fixed for the millionth (second) time and I got a surprise dentist bill and a new one that’s way over any budget in my near future ( think next 5 years AT LEAST. With that said I started to think. They say bad things come in threes… Well how many do great things come in? Once a blue moon?? Why is no one counting this? Or is someone trying to tell me great things occur at all times ( with the exception of 3 bad things.) anyway when I feel down I think of words that someone told me ( 4 moths ago). She said ” you seem to always think about what else you could’ve done and what you need to do. You. We’d to start making a list of 3 things you did right each day or you’ll go crazy”. Now I know this isn’t the most profound but for me, it was. So here is my list of 3:

1. I have a job that pays decent
2. I have an incredible best friend
3. I am needed

Also you should know I work with people with disabilities. You should also know that the vast majority of people under-estimate them by a mile ( me included at times).

If you read this, welcome to my life.

Next adventure

So…. Due to a series of unfortunate events, it seems like a mandatory trip to Hungary is in order.

With that said, bright side….
1. I’ve never been to Hungary. This is new.
2. Some trip is better than no trip.
3. It needs to be done and at least I can do stuff I couldn’t do here

but with that said my life is still an ongoing continuous joke. I’ve said this for the past 5 years… Maybe longer? But seriously, it’s-a-joke. So obviously I just have to roll with the punches and laugh.

I guess it’s time for me to learn German.

New World Order

First post on first day.

I just moved to hotlanta, to start a program and this summer looks intense20120529-221646.jpg
1. There’s 180 of us now and this number will triple Sunday .
2. Our schedule is insane…
3. We like to talk about problems, big ones.


Anyway so far I’ve just discovered that;
1. Georgia tech has such nice dorms
2. Pre-k kids make the cutest actors especially when they perform “The Lorax”
3. Bringing queen size mattress softeners to a twin bed is genius!

I have also accomplished unpacking on the day I arrived for the first time ever. My roomies seem nice, and I just remembered I have homework. Oops